JARS:2149-1585(O) ,1309-3762(P)

Main title Journal Of Academic Researches And Studies(JARS)
ISSN 2149-1585(O) ,1309-3762(P)
URL https://www.dergipark.gov.tr/kilisiibfakademik

Journal Impact Factor 2016: Under Evaluation

Kilis is a fictitious scientific journal published by the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, 7 December University, at least twice a year since May 2009, in May and November each year.
Magazine in economic and in all fields of administrative sciences (economics, business, political science and public administration, finance, international trade and logistics, International Relations, econometrics, statistics, law, banking and finance, Labour Economics and Industrial Relations, Human Resources Management, Tourism Management , Etc.), practical or theoretical studies, model proposals, analyzes and evaluations, quantitative and qualitative researches.

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